The quantum world is coming to the Middle East for the first time! The concept is complex, but perhaps the idea of being able to step inside the behaviour of an atom can best explain this intriguing world. Surrounded by digital art and multimedia interactives, explore and discover the unimaginable at TRANSPORTA: Life in the Quantum World!

This experience consists of gradient lighting, LED screens with interactive animation and immersive sound.

Activity fee: 15 AED


A themed esports experience open to all festival-goers. Visitors will be able to play for fun and participate in daily tournaments for several games while having the chance to win prizes in the process. There will be opportunities to play with and against world-class professionals and influencers on the big stage, or even just cheer them on as they battle to the top across 12 days of action-packed gaming! Featured PC, console and mobile phone games include Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, FIFA 19, Streetfighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In addition to a free to play area, there will be daily chances to participate in several tournaments with a chance of being crowned local champion, while having the opportunity to play with and against professionals, without any necessary pre-registration.

Activity fee: AED 50 for participation in the tournament; all other games are free to play


Consisting of the four key pillars of Eat, Sing, Play, Repeat, Gastrobeats will work to stir visitors’ souls through the wonderful combination of food and music. While you eat to your heart’s content, the rhythms and beats from live music performances will keep you entertained.

Music & Food


Jamie Wrecs

Nomadic singer/songwriter Jamie Wrecs has recently experimented with a fuller band sound. His single ‘San Francisco’ was largely well received with radio play on BBC Radio Wales and other local shows. “It’s a really great song. I just Love It,” said Adam Walton of BBC Radio Wales. Currently recording a mixture of new tracks, both indie rock and his more traditional folk-rock sound, Wrecs received a nomination for a Time Out Award for ‘Best Live Act’. His new single ‘You Don’t Know’ is out now and will help determine the next steps of his musical evolution.

Jerome Deligero

Jerome Deligero is heavily influenced by genres such as jazz, indie, folk, and RnB. Using his smooth voice, accompanied by his acoustic guitar skills, his music will get your head bobbing and feet tapping. Deligero’s repertoire consists of a variety of genres such as indie originals to groovy pop covers and even timeless jazz classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra. n timeless jazz classics such as Frank Sinatra.


Born and raised in Dubai, the singer-songwriter carved out the beginning of her musical career by performing in almost every local venue in her home city. With her acoustic guitar and her passion for the arts, she has quickly racked up a cult following through her gigs. Shébani’s music addresses the inner workings of us all as humans.

Dina Rabadi

Dina Rabadi is an acoustic pop/RnB artist from Jordan who has lived in Dubai for over 20 years. She started performing as an independent artist in October 2016 and quickly worked her way up to opening for the likes of Take That and Calvin Harris and making it as a top four finalist of an emerging talent competition. Rabadi currently performs weekly at different residencies around Dubai, as well as at weddings, festivals including Abu Dhabi Food Festival, FUNCTION by Hrmny, Myfkra and many others. With her guitar playing and loop pedal, her style ranges from RnB acoustic to contemporary pop. Alongside her residencies, Rabadi is currently working on writing and recording her debut EP.


Monteath are often likened to Kings of Leon and John Mayer, both of whom are big influences on the band. With a mix of cultural backgrounds including India, Philippines, Portugal, Germany and Chile, the band have a variety of influences to use in their music. They are truly a homegrown band, with all four members having grown up in the UAE. They perform melodic, groove-oriented original compositions. <br>

Rony Sarkis

Rony Sarkis is a Dubai-based singer songwriter whose music combines acoustic, indie, pop and blues influences. He has been performing in the UAE for a number of years, playing in multiple venues and festivals around the country such as Wasla Music Festival, Mother of the Nation Festival and Food Truck Jams, as well as in venues, bars and lounges around Dubai, including Dubai Parks & Resorts and others.

As per Casper

As Per Casper is the brainchild of Dubai-based singer-songwriter Carla Saad, who gave up a successful career in finance to pursue her true passion for music. She is of Syrian-Palestinian origin and was born in Saudi Arabia, yet English is her first language. As Per Casper are one of the most exciting bands on the UAE’s arts scene with their debut album ‘Hit The Ground’ reaching number one on iTunes Middle East. From piano to strings, guitar to percussion, darbukah to the oud, and even the trumpet, As Per Casper collaborate with various musicians with the aim of bridging traditional Western and Oriental influences into a rich, full-bodied, symphonic pop musical ensemble.

Leoné Murphy

Leoné Murphy is a singer/songwriter from South Africa who is currently based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Described by Time Out Dubai as “Dubai’s Kate Bush, Adele and Tori Amos all rolled into one”, the 20 year-old performs original music and covers that inspire the artist within all of us. She is currently working as a freelance singer at different events and private parties.

Aleksandra Krstic

<strong> </strong>Aleksandra Krstic is a neo soul/alternative RnB/chillwave music artist. Born and raised in Serbia, she completed her Master’s degree in Music and Arts and then began performing all around Europe. Krstic is currently settled in Dubai where she performs and records music. Her music style is influenced by jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Billie Holiday, as well as the stars of this generation like Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, SZA and Solange.

Scott Attew

Scott Attew is a prolific singer/songwriter with a passion for performing. In 2015, he opened for Paolo Nutini and in 2016 he performed at Abu Dhabi’s Mother Of The Nation event. Attew’s ambition is to inspire at least one person at each gig to start singing and writing music. He is equally comfortable in either an intimate setting or on the largest possible stage imaginable, and can work the crowd like a veteran.

Adam Kadabra

Adam Kadabra is from Glasgow, Scotland, where his musical talents began. Starting as a street busker, Kadabra got his first taste of street performing which has carried on around the world. His talents have been heard at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bahrain Formula One, Dubai Street Festival, Muscat Festival, and more. Kadabra is not your everyday acoustic player, he uses a technique called Lap Tapping, where he rests the guitar on his lap and powerfully taps the frets and strings to create a captivating cacophony.


Take a trip through the 70s & 80s as AJ & The Gang take you through the golden era of Soul, funk and R&B with their covers and original material. Led by, Abdelrahman Aljindi (AJ), a Sudanese Singer/Songwriter born and brought up in the UAE, this one of a kind band spreads good vibes wherever their music takes them.


Aman, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer, born and brought up in Dubai, discovered his musical talent at an early. With his unique voice, guitar skills, loop pedal and sample pad, Aman quickly gained everyone’s attention. From performing at open mic nights and venues to touring Los Angeles and opening up for international artists, he never fails to capture the energy in the room. He has been featured in full-page magazine spreads as well as being shortlisted for Best Original Act by Time Out magazine, Aman is one of the most talked about new artists in the Middle East. His debut EP ‘Piece of My Mind’ reached number two on the iTunes pop charts, with Apple Music calling it “infectious” and featuring Aman as the ‘Favourite New Artist’. His latest single ‘Where Do We Go’ has had more than 700 thousand plays on Anghami in less than two months.


Fafa is a 23-year-old Emirati singer/songwriter based in Abu Dhabi who is passionate about telling stories through music. After falling in love with the blues she found herself in Chicago perfecting her style and learning alongside recording artists and producers. Her music is influenced by her own experiences as well as those she has spoken to and related to throughout the years. Her style of singing is unique with influences from Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Sia. She is currently working on releasing her first project in 2019.


Of Somali origins, Freek was born in Abu Dhabi. He is now known as one of the biggest Arabic hip hop rap artists in the UAE and the region. He started his career with appearances on other artist’s music before progressing to releasing his first single ‘Aslan ‘Adi’, which has motivated other artists to move forward and create their own music.

AJ & The Gang

AJ & The Gang take the audience on a trip through the 1970s and 80s to the golden era of soul, funk and R&B with their covers and original material. Led by Abdelrahman Aljindi (AJ), a Sudanese singer/songwriter born and raised in the UAE, this unique band spread good vibes wherever their music takes them.

DJ Karrouhat

Basil Alhadi, aka DJ Karrouhat, is a DJ, singer, songwriter, composer, filmmaker and creative director. Coming from a musical family, he studied filmmaking and acting at the New York Film Academy. Growing up in various cities in the Arab world, he is heavily influenced by 1990s culture and has a love for mixed Arabic genres and artists such as Hameed Elshaeri, Ziad Alrahbany, Firqat Al khwah, Aisha Almartah and Awad Al Dokhi. Alhadi draws his inspiration from street culture and the experiences of the common person. During his childhood, he secretly practised performing and singing so that one day he could sing for his family and friends. As time went on, Alhadi drew on various crafts including filmmaking, music production and fashion to create his DJ Karrouhat name. <br>

We Speak in Colours

After spending a decade quietly writing and recording in rented bedrooms, Andrew Armstrong has been releasing and performing his rock songs under the name We Speak in Colours over the last four years. Before moving to the UAE and connecting to like-minded artists and thinkers around the country, Armstrong was an active and committed participant in the indie/DIY music communities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee, while also doing short tours in the Chicago and Pacific Northwest regions. This affinity for movement and place can be felt in all of his musical releases and is reflected in the DNA of his songs.


Abbo is a multi-award-winning acoustic folk-rock singer songwriter, solo artist and frontman, whose debut album with DaVinci Park, ‘Overlooking Florence’, went to number one on iTunes in the MENA region. Abbo has spent the past 20 years touring and performing all over the globe including New York, Paris, London, Brighton, Sydney, Philippines and UAE. He has worked alongside and shared a stage with artists such as Passenger, Gypsy Kings, Skunk Anansie, Reef, The Kooks, and many others. He is also the founder of award-winning live music company GoPlayTheWorld. <br>

Echo Vessel

Echo Vessel are a vocal / synth / drum loop duo, who create everything from scratch with no prerecorded tracks. They have a wide repertoire that covers pop, reggae, dance, electro and more, all performed with their own unique arrangements, improvisation and style. <br>